PHP Development

Epitomizing Agility, Expertise & Convenience

Web Applications have turned out to be one of the most strategic elements of business existence. Among the various scripting languages that are used to craft these apps, PHP has achieved the highest recognition. Being an open source programming language, it comes free of cost; and hence, contributes in considerably slashing the cost implication of the app. Moreover, there are other benefits like its compatibility with various browsers, assured security structures, brisk development models and others. This can be further exemplified by the fact that over 40% of the web applications, today, are scripted using PHP.

What impedes most efforts towards PHP development is the lack of profound domain knowledge of the same. There are cases when there is immense focus on the quality of the code and the ultimate functionality of the application is ignored. The eventual result is that the code is perfect but the final application is not. Moreover, failures of strategic planning, only ala-carte developmental offerings and slow development cycle are some of the common draw backs that one comes across.


The Flexiware Solutions Edge

We, at Flexiware Solutions, have always had a relentless focus on PHP and that is how it has turned out to be one of the core expertise at the organization. Our team of adroit developers makes use of PHP in association with the latest technologies like HTML5, JQuery and others in order to write dynamically generated pages swiftly. This is how we ensure that we present, to our clients and other stakeholders, powerful solutions for applications of all shapes and sizes, including the ones which are database driven.

What you would also notice about our service are our cost effective & convenient engagement models, agility in application development and full cycle project execution. Therefore, complete offerings; right from system analysis to design, coding, QA & maintenance is handled seamlessly by our experienced staff. It wouldn’t be complete without a mention of our flawless post development service which includes installation, maintenance & support.

The final result of all these efforts is a solution which offers high load resistance & huge scalability through multi-tier architecture. In short, it is about having everything that you always desired.


Our USPs



Our handpicked group of PHP developers possesses entrenched domain expertise and technical know-how. This ensures that they manage to offer solutions that are  robust, tangible and swift.


We make use of some of the latest and the most effective technologies with PHP.  We hold expertise in such technologies as Ajax, jQuery, ExtJS, Google Ajax API. Such technological prowess lends UI interactivity and ultimate user experience to your applications.


At Flexiware Solutions, the architecture & framework that is used in the process of development supports the application by providing it with easy maintainability and scalability.


Everything that has to do with PHP is offered by us. Not only do we offer support with the entire development cycle, we also assist you with your app’s integration with third party web services, payment systems, corporation software, etc, development and documentation of custom CPI and much else.



Some of the services related to PHP we offer are:

Web Application Development Application Re-engineering & Enhancement


Web Application Maintenance MySQL Data Modeling