Checklist and Workflow Management System

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The application Checklist and Workflow Management system was developed as an Android and iOS application, accompanied by a web portal. The application automates the workflow management of the organization, with regards to building maintenance and related activities.

Key Modules


Web Application

  • Intuitive and Rich Frontend
  • SaaS based Model
  • Primary Users
  • Owner can
    • Manage clients and their accounts
    • Manage contracts with clients
    • Manage application packages and trial versions
    • Generate Reports
  • Client User can
    • Manage Buildings covered
    • Manage items, their categories and their SLAs
    • Manage Service Orders
    • Manage Groups and their users
    • Generate Reports
  • Group Admin can
    • Manage users
    • Manage checklists
    • Generate reports

Mobile Application

  • Downloadable by any user
  • Primary Users
    • Client
      Login as a trial account or paid account
      Manage buildings
      Manage Groups
      Manage items, their categories and their SLAs
    • Group Admin
      Manage users
      Manage checklists
      Manage SOs
      Field Users
      View assigned checklists
      Maintain status of items in checklists
      Create SOs
    • Final Client
      Search for available services
      Create SO for any service
      Open past SOs
      Close an SO
      Provide feedback for an SO