Business Intelligence

Unprecedented Intelligence, Unparalleled Automation

Businesses have always been required to stock a gamut of data. Right from operational data to other information about customers, suppliers, market, competitors, etc.; all of it needs to be meticulously maintained. Moreover, this data would be useful only if it is strategically analyzed and that would be possible when it is properly segregated to display palpable trends and traits.

Business intelligence solutions are aimed at abetting your endeavor towards effectively warehousing your data and extracting relevant insights from the same. When the application is built with prowess, it can do all of this swiftly, precisely and automatically. Get Microsoft Dynamics Development, Microsoft Dynamics Development Services at Flexiware Solutions.

The Flexiware Solutions Edge

At Flexiware Solutions, we develop such customized data intelligence and warehousing solutions that seamlessly fit into your requirement. By making use of efficient technology, we ensure that the value to cost ratio of the solution is enhanced.

These solutions of ours bring together fragmented data from various sources of origin. It is made to comply with a standard format of presentation to make it readily available for analysis and reporting. Our technological competence ensures that the applications can be rapidly implemented on the existing software and hardware platforms without requiring any kind of alteration or update. On the other hand, they can also be integrated with new products without any hassle.

You can, therefore, predict future trends, answer elusive business questions and take game changing decisions, all with intelligence and speed.

We always endeavor to precisely understand the clients’ business processes before suggesting the solution. This way, we manage to apply the correct Business Intelligence and escalate chances of success.

Our solutions are flexible enough to fit into your requirements and existing infrastructure.

Our team is a congregation of experts who have profound experience in the field.

Decision Support
We hold expertise in developing and integrating tools which help businesses automate discovery of previously unknown patterns. This, matched with our robust decision support system, ensures that your decisions are impeccable.

One size doesn’t fit all and the same is the case with our applications too. We customize them as per your needs and requirements.

We always pursue excellence and this approach of ours is what our clients appreciate the most.

There are a range of competencies that we, along with our BI experts, offer. Following is a list of a few of them:

OLAP (Online analytical processing) Architectural Data Modeling and Design Digital Dashboards Data Warehousing, Data Mining and Data Integration Advanced event driven BI model SSIS, SSRS and SSAS (SQL Server integration system, SQL server reporting system and SQL server Analysis system) Custom reporting tools using .Net Basic reporting tools using HTML, Javascript, Ajax and Excel charts. DB expertise in MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQLite