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The MLM Charting application is an application that will help the affiliate members of to prepare a chart from the User’s data and give the user a visual representation of his down line.

The chart will help user keep track of all the information relevant to his MLM tree, such as points required to become commission qualified, number of Loyal Customers, Distributors, and other account users. The chart will also provide insights to the user as to where the next member on down line should be placed so that he gets maximum benefits from the MLM.

The other important feature in the application will be the Auto Ship function, which will list down the auto ships of the month according to the dates (1st to 20th and After 20th). Various reports will be generated by the application, which will keep the user in pace with the flow of the MLM.

Key Features:

  • User Registration
  • Subscription based payment(Starter, Power and Premium)
  • Subscription based user rights and permissions
  • Excel File Importing and Processing
  • MLM Charting Tool
  • Auto Ship List
  • Fast Start Bonus List
  • Instant Messaging (Mails and SMS)
  • Reports
  • Payment Integration with PayPal
  • SMS Integration with Nexmo