ACCELERATE: Payroll Management System

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Accelerate a one-point solution, which helps automate the entire payroll processes starting from recruitment to resignation. It is a comprehensive HR compensation management package covering all aspects of payroll processing, including attendance and leave management, pay calculations, loan processing, statutory / legal report generation etc. It is user-friendly, customizable and workflow based online interactive software catering the needs of medium to large size organizations. Accelerate is so designed so that the multiple location within the organization can be easily connected to each other using the Internet. Thus accelerate is designed for uptimes of 100% and scalability right from single computer to multi-level servers at multiple locations.

Key Modules:

  • Earning and Deduction Module
  • Leave Management
  • Employee Loan Management/ Credit Society
  • Bonus and Incentives
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Income Tax and Professional Tax Computation
  • Employee Transfers, Promotions and Increments
  • Statutory Reports and Forms
  • Powerful MIS
  • Credit Society and Loan Management Module
  • Arrears Calculation
  • Bonus Calculation