Sharepoint Development

Share, Streamline, Succeed

Microsoft SharePoint is a complete suite of powerful functionalities that enhance document storing, sharing and syncing. Alongside, it brings to the table a platter of resources to streamline a company’s workflow (including common tasks) and create applications and sites in order to synchronize the efforts of the team. One can even develop high enterprise requirement solutions that can be delivered through web, intranet or internet. Avail sharepoint development services, Microsoft sharepoint development services, Microsoft sharepoint development at sharepoint development india. What you would need, though, is someone to offer unprecedented expertise to ensure that the coding is robust, solutions are cross-platform and the existing software is efficiently integrated with SharePoint.

The Flexiware Solutions Edge

At Flexiware Solutions, SharePoint development happens to be one of the most pursued and effectively executed tasks. With the assistance of a professional team, we have engineered a range of custom made extranet and intranet based solutions. What is worth noting is that our team is made up of Microsoft certified experts. It makes deep use of SharePoint and ideates multiple concepts to reinforce client’s trust in our technical prowess and delivery excellence. The most commonly followed method is that of implementing a web service and placing a layer in between the app of the client and SharePoint to facilitate custom actions.

All our solutions are tested on cross platform environments to pitch up the quality standards quite substantially. In fact, we also offer assistance in integrating your existing software with SharePoint. Alongside, the deployment of the collaborative tool is strategically planned and executed too.

We strive to ensure that our applications are not just robust and technically invincible but also offer a high plinth of user friendliness. Also, we meticulously make use of the web part of SharePoint services to considerably escalate the applications’ performance and ROI.

Eventually, what you receive are solutions that are scalable, user friendly, robust and functionally superior.

Following are some of the compelling benefits that our clients avail:



We endeavor to custom make all our applications. This way, our clients receive what they require rather than just what we have on offer.


In order to augment the user experience of our solutions, we make sure that they are simple to use with clear instructions on offer.


We have been in this business for many years now. This lends us the confidence to attend to any requirement with ease.


There is a gamut of SharePoint services that is available under one roof at Flexiware Solutions.

Following is an account of few of our Sharepoint Development Services:

  • SharePoint Application Development
  • SharePoint Consulting
  • SharePoint Branding
  • Custom SharePoint Solutions
  • SharePoint Migration
  • SharePoint Enterprise Search
  • SharePoint Content Management
  • SharePoint Workflow Management