About Us


Flexiware Solutions offers a wide range of IT based solutions for the modern business environment, which are dynamic and robust.

The company was incorporated in the year 2004 and its 15 years of existence have witnessed it take large strides in the industry. At Flexiware Solutions, we take an intense industry focus working with business leaders to solve their toughest challenges through applied innovation – backed by a network of global resources, deep strategic alliances, and full-spectrum delivery across strategy, implementation, management and operations.

Our clients vouch for our unparalleled quality, swift customer support, wide range of offerings and the cost-effective services we provide. Our offerings spread across such verticals as Education, FMCG, pharmaceutical, Health Care, Hospitality and financial sectors among others. Get Services of Cross Platform App Development, Rich Internet Application Development, Robust Web Application Development.

Philosophy & Approach
The work culture, at Flexiware Solutions, is based on a simple philosophy; that of providing optimized and efficient IT solutions. Given the complexity that has engulfed the business world in modern times; our IT solutions strive to partner with businesses in simplifying and hastening critical business processes.

Moreover, we also lay substantial emphasis on the scalability and stability of our solutions to attend to both existing and future business needs of our clients.

Flexiware Solutions Advantage

We, at Flexiware Solutions, are extremely passionate about technology and the services that we offer. Every time we take up a new assignment, we spend a considerable amount of time on researching every nuance of the same. Moreover, our team of experts utilizes the best of its abilities while pursuing excellence at the task. The eventual objective of all these efforts is to help our clients derive satisfaction. That is how it always was and that is how it will stay.

Following are some of the other compelling benefits that we propose to our clients while executing their projects. These benefits also assist us in differentiating ourselves from the rest:

Our solutions are optimized and efficient to exude the robustness of technology that has culminated into their eventual development.

We take pride in the team that we have got together. Not only is the team appreciated, across the board, for its acumen & professionalism, it also receives regular applause for the deep domain knowledge that it possesses.

With the endeavor of letting client satisfaction take the forefront, we have put in place a range of different measures. One among them is the stringent Quality Management System that governs all our activities and processes. An entrenched group of processes has also been chalked out for each task that we undertake at the time of executing various projects. This eventually leads to standardization.

We understand that technology related solutions are not just meant to be used for a brief period; but, their utility can extend for years together. Keeping this fact in mind, we engineer our solutions futuristically. In other words, not only do our solutions boast of contemporary technology and techniques to stay modern for a longer span, they are also scalable so that the organizations can escalate their potential at any time.

If there is a need, we can integrate our solutions with the existing business processes and IT infrastructure of the clients. Therefore, what we offer are not individual entities but those scalable, flexible and accommodative solutions which can integrate with existing systems and still perform at the same plinth.

Our service suite encompasses a range of solutions that can assist the clients in tackling various situations and automating a range of different processes. In short, we are one stop shop for all IT related needs.

Our acumen is not just confined to a few technologies but extends to multiple platforms and technologies. Right from those basic & traditional frameworks to the more complex manifestations of technology, we can manage them all with finesse. A credit of the same also goes to our team which has appreciable qualities and technology related skills.

We believe in the fact that one size doesn’t fit all. Therefore, the solutions that are on offer with us are customized to suit the individual needs of our clients.

Our services are backed by an extensive amount of experience that we have in our body of work. For years now, we have developed such customized and fully integrated systems for our clients which have optimized their business operations and generated substantial revenues too.

We employ a low risk delivery model which heralds a higher level of predictability in the offerings.

One of the strongest differentiators that we bring to the table is our approach towards the development process as also our relations with the clients. We constantly focus on invincible framework & architecture development as that is the base of any application. On the other hand, our sincere cooperation with the clients and willingness to build long term relations with them helps us win their trust. term relations with them helps us win their trust.

Quality Policy:

We, at Flexiware Solutions, are extremely passionate about technology and the services that we offer. Every time we take up a new assignment, we spend a considerable amount of time on researching every nuance of the same.Moreover, our team of experts utilizes the best of its abilities while pursuing excellence at the task.

Security and Confidentiality:

When your project is assigned to us, we strive to look at it from all dimensions. We don’t just evaluate it from our perspective, but also comprehend its significance to your firm. That is how we come to appreciate the value of security and confidentiality. We are sensitive towards the escalating instances of data theft, around the globe, and leave no stone unturned to keep such malpractices at bay, in our organization.

The data security infrastructure at Flexiware Solutions has been engineered, keeping the latest requirements and threats in mind. This means that up-to-the-minute practices and procedures have been implemented, and the same is regularly updated to efficiently combat all possible threats. In fact, we even follow specific norms for individual projects, if the clients suggest so.

Below mentioned is a basic idea of the things that we have collated to palpably escalate Security & Confidentiality standards at our organization.


  1. The first step towards security, at Flexiware Solutions, starts with a selective granting of access to the premises. Our employees, and the management, have been provided an Authorized ID, which is the only way in which one could enter the premises. Also, certain special visitors might be allowed to enter, but only if they possess the Authorized ID.
  2. Employees & Visitors have restricted access. In other words, their access is confined to certain permissible locations only.
  3. The ones who have wider access (like to servers, networks & workstations) are assigned passwords to ensure that only the permitted individuals make their way to such important locations.
  4. The entire premise is under Video Surveillance 24/7. By this virtue, we can keep a track of all activities that take place inside the premises at any time of the day.
  5. Only designated project managers and concerned dedicated resources (if any) are authorized to access the files of any particular project.
  6. There are various other measures that we put in place like virus checking of all incoming/outgoing emails, regular back up of all data & files and real time antivirus and spam protection for all machines and servers to augment our security efforts.


  • One of the most basic things that we do at the outset is sign a Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) with the client. This way, the initiation of the project conversation is on a more confident note.
  • We have also signed an NDA with our employees to ensure that none of the information and data, that they have access to, ever moves out of our office.
  • Another policy that we have is that of discussing with the clients, at the initial stage, about the sensitivity of the data and the standard of confidentiality that they expect us to maintain.
  • We go to the extent of not even using your testimonials or sharing your work as samples, without your permission.