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Safe haven is a simple-to-use CRM web application developed in ASP.Net with MySQL as backend. Developed with an initiative to prepare a comprehensive solution for CRM, it can incorporate real-time inventory, scheduling, payroll and sales process to provide customers with faster and hassle-free pre-sales and after-sale services. The app has a dashboard which enables authorized users to view and manage their Schedule, create & assign Tickets and generate Purchase Order. Payroll is one of the components of this application which allows users to calculate incentives and salary of their employees. Geo location services are implanted to provide routing and calculate mileage which can help reimburse the sales rep or technician. Vendor Management is a feature to channelize company’s efforts in order to deliver maximum value to end users. Moreover, the app takes care of every intrinsic detail about customers, their purchases and preferences to enhance CRM activities. The application is a unique blend of Content Management, Inventory Management and CRM.

Key Features:

  • User dashboard showing tickets, appointment and news
  • Permission based access to modules
  • Purchase Order Booking
  • Sales and Invoice module
  • Inventory Management
  • Permission based access to modules
  • Email Marketing
  • Document Management
  • Incentives and payroll calculations
  • Tickets and appointment management
  • Appointment routing and mileage calculations
  • Calendar based view
  • PDF and MS Excel integration


  • CRM
  • CMS
  • Sales Force