Windows Phone Apps

Your Window to Success

Windows has been very close to our hearts, especially because most computers have been powered by this technology since years now. As this technology makes its way into the mobile arena, it has opened the flood gates for further development. Mobile Windows has been met with positive reviews across the board and has been in the good books of the users because of its user friendliness and briskly bloating app store. Alongside, its exceptional features have made the enterprises adopt the technology too.

For the developers, this might be a win and lose situation. This is because they know the Windows technology by the virtue of its long existence; but, this also brings along a high level of expectation. Moreover, there are various smart phones in the market, with varying specifications and screen sizes; and this fact adds to the layer of complexity in the development process. Get Windows phone apps development, Windows phone app Development services at Windows phone Application Development Company. We specialize in custom Windows phone app design, Windows phone app development from scratch. Get custom Windows phone app development services in india at best rate.


The Flexiware Solutions Edge

We adopted Windows mobile very early; and, that has assisted us in gaining a high plinth of skill at its development. Having always believed in the power of ideation and innovation, we propose to our clients a feasible and sustainable execution plan for any kind of idea that they might possess. At Flexiware Solutions, we believe in being inclusive; and, with that belief, we have extended our services to all industry verticals and project types, regardless of the complexity associated with the same.

What we take immense pride in is our world class team which excels in Windows development because of its passion for the technology. It garners expertise in major Windows based platforms including Windows mobile 2002, Windows mobile 6.0, Windows CE, Windows PC 2003, Windows 7 SDK and all recent versions. Moreover, we also possess acumen in basal technologies which include C#, XNA and Silverlight.

Do you already have an existing IOS, Android or Blackberry application? We can assist you in optimizing the same for a Windows phone.

Following is a recap of our strong differentiators which please our clients:



Our team is a congregation of some highly skilled individuals who are continually trained to make them stay on the top of their game.


We abet your endeavor of optimizing your existing IOS, Android & Blackberry applications for Windows Phone. This migration is simple & efficient.


Our high standard of deliverables are presented to you in a cost effective fashion. Hence, your pocket always stays heavy, the way it should.


Through our early entry into the sphere of Windows mobile, we have gathered enviable domain knowledge which assists us in staying perennially competitive.