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In the twenty first century business world, the desire for receiving information anytime & anywhere has considerably ascended. It is, hence, that mobile devices are being visualized as a centerpiece of a large part of enterprises’ operations. A mélange of the untethered mobility, offered by these devices, and a swift advancement of technology has made it possible to engineer a business environment that’s not just deskbound; but, is available on the move too. Contributions to this have been made by the rise of cloud enabled social tools, predictive analytics and many other technological masterpieces.

Hence, such enterprise mobility, instead of simply complementing other deskbound technologies, is turning into a key catalyst for business innovation. It is being considered as a mode through which operational efficiency could be augmented and customer experience could be enriched. What is essential, though, is that the business of the respective enterprises should be comprehended wholesomely to leave little room for confusion. Moreover, the developers should be focused on not just constructing an application but a wholesome solution that lends operational, financial and strategic business advantages to the enterprise. Avail Enterprise mobility solutions, Enterprise mobility services, Enterprise mobile application development. Flexiware solutions is an enterprise mobile application development company offering mobile app development for enterprises.

The Flexiware Solutions Edge

We are focused on assisting our clients in making the most of the modern mobile technologies. We wish to open gateways for the highest ladder of agility in businesses of our clients along with ushering new opportunities of growth. Moreover, our mobility solutions hold the potential to metamorphoses the way in which information is shared and tasks are executed; as they do not just manage to offer an enterprise’s employees with the ability to work on the go, they also abet its endeavor of automating business processes and boosting productivity.

What we bring to the table goes beyond the realm of a simple enterprise mobile application; and, poses as a solution to various business specific needs. By the virtue of their deep knowledge of the concerned enterprise’s business, our solutions take the onus of being mission critical. This also transpires via our genuine belief in the power of collaboration between IT and business.

Our association with many enterprises has taught us the lesson of innovation and that is what we deploy at the time of the development of all our mobility solutions. Moreover, we make our presence felt at each stage of the process, right from the conception of the solution to its completion.

As an organization, we feel content with the expert team that we have managed to build. It understands every facet of mobile development; and hence, executes projects with high quality and at an extremely rapid pace. Also, our rich experience, spanning across varied verticals, has helped us in learning the ropes of the industry faster and better than a lot of others. So, what you are in to receive is towering ROI with minimum risk.

Here are some other undeniable benefits that we put on offer:

User Centric:
Be it addressing business & technological complexity or establishing the design elements of our solutions, the UI & UX aspects of the deliverable are always offered the front seat. Eventually, the solutions should be well suited to the needs of the users and happen to be simple to access & operate too.

Plug & Play:
When you associate with Flexiware Solutions, you would receive completed and rigorously tested solutions that are ready to use. This saves some valuable time & money of yours.

Development Process:
We make use of Scrum based development approach to enhance agility and client control. Moreover, our reliance on rapid development strives to shrink the solutions’ time to market.

Services & Solutions:
There are a variety of solutions & services that we present to our esteemed clients:

As part of our enterprise mobility solutions, we provide the following services.

– Consultancy for Mobile Enablement. Our SME’s provide feasibility analyses and application assessment for mobility enablement to various business houses and their existing solutions.
– Mobile Application migration and platform porting
– Mobile Application testing

Following are some of the enterprise solutions provided by us:

Mobile Sales force automation
Mobile POS
Mobile solution integration with CRMs and ERPs
Mobile payment solutions
Work order management
Supply Chain management
mCommerce Solutions
Integration with Cloud services
Device integration (printers, scanners, etc.) with mobile solutions
Mobile store solutions