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This project involved developing a Windows based Desktop Solution to help our client manage his business on Amazon marketplace and automate operations like Listing, Shipment and Inventory management. The application provides a competitive edge in order to stay on top by providing insights on sales and inventory. This solution features a customizable rule set to allow only those items to be listed which are more profitable considering parameters such as Sales Rank, Product category, Buy Box Price, Offers, Weight etc. It provides a BI tool that can be leveraged to maximize sales and minimize extraneous cost. This solution makes it amazingly easy and quick for users to list items, print FBA labels, create FBA shipments and run various reports that can provide meaningful insights on sales and inventory.

Key features

  • Customizable Pre-scanning rule set
  • Supplier Management
  • List Items to Amazon store
  • FBA Label printing
  • Inventory Management
  • FBA Shipment
  • Reports on daily/monthly sales, listings and shipments