ELIXIR is a seamless hospital management system that covers all day -to-day activities in a medium to large-sized healthcare provider. It is enterprise level software designed with adequate security and confidentiality for the electronic medical records of the patients. It has highly extendible and scalable architecture and it is built on the latest Microsoft platform to give optimum performance at peak loads.

It simplifies and optimizes all processes of a mid-to-large size hospital and offers a single solution for integrating various activities, covering the entire gamut of hospital procedures, ranging from registration to discharge, including back office activities such as inventory, finances, payroll, CSSD, etc.

ELIXIR offers unique interfaces for doctors, which allow adaptability with a number of disciplines, providing for detailing of symptoms, treatments and investigation across therapeutic areas. Thus enabling the doctors take the noting of the patients faster and effortlessly. It also helps archiving of the medical records including the radiological images, previous medical records etc. Apart from this, doctors can also compare patient progress.

Features of Elixir:

  • Adaptable Doctor Noting Screens
  • Intuitive nurse noting
  • Lab and Radiology Templates
  • Patient management
  • Asset management (requires customization)
  • Admission and discharge
  • Nursing care
  • Payroll module
  • Assets
  • CSSD (Central Sterilization and Supply Department)
  • Lab
  • Customizable Telemedicine Options
  • Linen, diet and CSSD
  • Lab management
  • Operation Theater
  • Inventory management (requires customization)
  • Inquiry
  • Operation Theatre
  • Roistering
  • Stores (inventory)
  • Linen
For Doctors, ELIXIR offers

  • Faster therapeutic ordering for the patients
  • Customized interfaces depending on specialization
  • Bridging of the doctor-patient gap by providing tele-medicine interface
  • Help in archiving of medical records
  • User-friendly templates for entry of results from radiological investigations

For Nurses, ELIXIR offers

  • Ability to see the dosage prescribed and therapeutic care ordered by the doctor
  • Easy-to-define nurse shifts and subsequent changes if required
  • Features such as setting of reminders for administering drug and defining various check-lists for proper patient care
  • An overall ease in patient-care

For Management, ELIXIR offers

  • Monitoring and Tracking of various activities in the hospital
  • Effective man-management
  • Control over inventory consumption’s and avoiding shortage
  • Comprehensive payroll facility
  • Provision for government/ institutional clients