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Scuhio-content is a web application developed in which provides a platform to professionals for discussions, initiate Innovative ideas, find appropriate partner to start the process of innovation, create & manage the innovation & build-up their career by showing innovation to the world.

This application was developed with an initiative to bring professionals from wide-ranging fields in life (Engineering, Business and Medical) to come collectively and work towards creating solutions for innovative ideas.

Key Features:


  • Conception: Discussion platform for users to build and refine their innovative ideas. They can ask questions for any subjects/topics using tagging and get the answers from others.
  • Collaboration: Platform for users to their ideas, subscribe to others’ ideas, discuss it with others by chatting, document sharing and posting proposals for creating the same.
  • Creation: A platform to manage all milestones, tasks, documents & communication history at one place, so that professionals can complete their innovation in time and in organized manner.
  • Cloud: Platform where users can showcase their skills, talent and past projects.
  • Connections: Platform where user can manage his network and contacts


  • Cloud: Platform for companies to get in touch with the professionals to see their achievements and connect with them.


  • Professional Networking
  • Project Management
  • Discussion Forum
  • Hiring