’Dynamic’ Dynamics


This is a mobile application which acts as a front end for CRM database for Microsoft Dynamics. This application also includes a server application which acts as a connector between the backend CRM application and the mobile app. The application gives the user access to his CRM data and its modules. The user can access data/modules like customer, order, vendors, services, etc on the go. The application is for multiple platforms (iPhone, Android and Windows Phone). The modules on the app can be dynamically configured using interim server application without ever updating the code on the mobile. The application has been made with business class UX and UI.

Key Features

  • Plug and play CRM modules to mobile app using interim server
  • Dynamic data fetching and mapping from backend CRM to mobile app using interim server
  • Dynamic db sync algorithm using JSON schemas
  • Offline application access and data storage
  • SOAP services.


  • CRM