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When cellular technology gained momentum, not everyone was eager to jump on this bandwagon. Some still insisted on the more conventional applications, owing to the constraints size imposed on the same.

A middle ground was indeed inevitable, and yet again the guys from Cupertino had a solution. It was larger than the ever popular cellular device, though smaller than a laptop and much smaller than a PC/MAC. It was aptly called, iPad.

As of today, one needn’t look too hard to find this ever popular device. Almost everybody has one and it is indeed the ideal middle ground. With 3 different variants, each with 3 internal memory variants, it is no surprise that everybody’s needs were met.

Now this is where business requirements come in the picture. Businesses could foresee the cellular drive, so to speak, but not this, thereby affecting technological requirements of many organizations across the globe.

It is imperative that room had to be made for this ever increasing middle ground, which is why along with our iPhone division we have even fostered a division that exclusively handles applications for the iPad.

As always, our team of analysts will understand your business requirements and work towards an adroit solution, post which we will allocate resources, exclusively for your project. In order to ensure that the project is headed in the right direction, we will allocate a project manager, who will be your point of contact throughout the software development lifecycle.

In most cases, however, an iPad application is developed alongside an iPhone application which ensures that business needs are met from all aspects while maintaining a common requirements analysis phase.